Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan engages in racial profiling

Southfield, Michigan 0 comments
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We went to Somerset Collection to look around.We went into a high-profile jewelry store, and they not only followed us like we were stealing something, but in one store we went to, they said, "They're not stealing anything." The mall is one of the wealthiest cities in the wealthiest counties in the state.

They assumed that because we are black and poor that we would steal something. I've got a college degree. Just because I can't find work, doesn't mean that I don't have money to spend. I had like $50 on me, and was looking for a store that used to be in their mall.

I saw the security guards walk past us several times and one time, they gave us a funny look.

My friend wanted to try on some expensive jewelry but we wouldn't steal anything.I'm telling everyone that I know not to shop at Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan.

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